Babek Khurrami (around 795, according to some other sources 798-14.3.838)-leader of National Movement for Freedom in Azerbaijan; prominent General and political figure of Azerbaijan.

Born at Bilalabad village near Ardabil (South Azerbaijan). According to some authors, his name was Hasan. He joined Khurramis after Javidan's death. Babek led Azeri people's war for freedom against Arab aggressors and Caliphate. Well known Arab Generals were defeated by Babek in war. 6 famous Generals of Arab army were killed by Babe's troops. In 830, Babek's troops had seized Hamadan and the inter city of Caliphate was exposed to dangers.

According to Masudi, an Arab historian (10th century), widely spread Babek movement had become a serious danger for Abbasi Caliphate. Calipha Mamun made testament to his successor Mutassima to mobilize all forces against Khurrami and to send more cunning and wise Generals to battle. Babek made a proposal to Feofil, an Emperor of Bizans in 834-836, to enter into an alliance against the Calipha, in order to expel the Arab army from Azerbaijan. It was known that Babek had concluded a treaty with Bizans against Arabs before.

In 837, the Emperor sent his army against Arabs, but it did not have any significant influence on the result of struggle in Azerbaijan. Mutasim, afraid of strenthening movement of Babek, concluded a peace pact with Bizans state and sent all military force of the Caliphate against Khurrami.

Afshin Heydar Kavus oglu, a Turkish General, who became famous in war with Bizans was leading well armed Caliphate army fighting against Babek movement. Arab toops seized Bazz fortress in 837 in spite of strong resistance of rebels. Babek broke in the encirclement with small group crossing Araz river and came to Arrane. He wanted to go to Bizans and contact Emperor Feolil to gather new army. But Arabs captured Babek by betrayal committed by Sahl Ibn Sumbat, an Armenian ruler of Shaki (Sisian District, Armenia). On Janauary 4, 838 Babek and his brother Abdulla were taken to Samira city. Caliph Muntasim tortured Babek to death.

The war for freedom which was led by Babek had weened the Caliphate and precipitated its disintegration (sanam).