Abulhasan Bahmanyar Marzban oglu Azerbaijani (date of birth is unknown - died in 1066) -Azeri phylosopher, representative of East Peripateism,student and follower of Ibn Sina . According to him, wealth in general is the bases of everything on the earth. The wealth is divided by him into absolute which is neccessary and unreaasonable and possible wealth which is result, its presence or absence has one reason - result.

The Mutakallims (muslim orthodox scholasts) were against the denial of time difference between the reason and the result , they thought it was against religion. Bahmanyar's works on some phylosophycal categories have its scientific importance even today.

He gave exact explanation about the connection of the sense and rational moments in conception .

His books : "Educaational Book" (published in 1971 in Tehran in arabic) , "Precious book about logic"," Beauty and Happiness "," Book of Music","Tractat on Metaphisics"and " Levels of Being"(the latter two work were published in Leipzig in arabic aand persian in 1851, and in Cairo in 1911 in arabic ) had strongly influenced on the development of East science.

His book "Educational Book" has a special importance in Bahmanyar's creative work with its big volume and deep meaning.

Bahmanyar's role in the development of phylosophycal opinion of medieaval muslim East is great. Abul Abbas Lavkari, Afzaladdin Khunaji , Nasraddin Tusi are his follewers.