Mirza Fatali Akhundzade

Mirza Fatali Mirza Mahammedtagi oglu (1812 Shaki - 10.3.1878, Tiflis)- Azerbaijani writer, materialist philosopher, public figure, founder of Azerbaijan dramatic art. In 1814, he, his father Mirza Mahammedtagi and his mother Nana Khanam shifted to Khamna village near Tabriz, he lived in different parts of Iranian Azerbaijan till he was 13. In 1825 he returned to Shaki with his mother.

In 1832, Akhund Haji Alesgar had taken Fatali to Ganja as he wanted him to become a spritual person. Fatali here learned Logic sciences as well as theological sciences from Mirza Shafi Vazeh, famous poet.

Fatali, who was interested in modern sciences, in 1833 entered the Russian school, which was opened in Shaki and studied there for one year. In 1834, he went to Tiflis, and appointed as an Interpreter on eastern languages at the civil affairs section in the head office of Caucasus, where he worked till his death. In 1873, he was awarded rank of Colonel.

In 1851, he was selected as a member of Caucasus branch of the Russian Geographic Society and later he was attracted towards survey works of Caucasian Archeological Committee. Akhundzade has given great importance to the publication of the news paper called " Akinchi" (Peasant) and published articles in this newspaper under the name of "Vakili Milleti Namalum". Akhundzade started his literary activity with writing poems (with nick name as "Sabuhi")