Seyid Ali Seyid Mahammed oglu Imameddin Nasimi (1369,Shamakhi-1417,Halab)-Azerbaijani poet, great thinker. He is well-known as ''Imameddin Nasimi ''. He has received his early education in Shamakhi, learned sciences of that time, history of religions,logics, mathematics and astronomy.

Nasimi, propaganding mystic views of Hallaj Mansur Huseyn who had been hanged in Bagdad in 10th century, had written his first poems under nick name ''Huseyn''. He has been keeping in touch with Hurufi organizations which were widely spread in Azerbaijan at the end of 14th century.Having become familiar with the views of Fazlullah Naimi, founder of hurufism, he started to write poems where he was propaganding the ideas of this sect and since that time he had taken '' Nasimi'' as nick name similiar to ''Naimi'' .

In 1394, Naimi had been put to death and after his death, Nasimi had gone to Tabriz and later to Anadollu (Turkey) as Naimi wanted that. He had been repeatedly taken to jail for his hurufism ideas. He was living in Halab(Syria), when was jailed and Nasimi was skinned alive by the order of Egyption Sultan and priests, being called as '' apostat'',''atheist''. Nasimi was hardworker in his creative work. Nasimi was a lyric poet and started his creative work with lyric poems. Later Nasimi touched political, public and moral problems of that time in his works. He was a founder of phylosophical ghazal (lyrics) created in native language in the history of Azerbaijan literature. To criticise the society and life openly was dangerous and Nasimi did it with literary language . Nasimi' s literary creativity is an important stage in the development of Azerbaijan poetry and literary language and has an exceptional significance from the point of view of linquistic, especially study of historical development of Azerbaijan turkish language. Nasimi had taken important role in improving of form features of Azerbaijan poem. He had written lyrics in 3 languages.

Nasimi had written various types of verses such as mustazad,murabbe and tarjibend in native language in Azerbaijan literature . His quatrains,tujugs are original and worthy by literary structure and content. Rules of Hurufism, phylosophic views pf poet, his thoughts of Life and Universe were expressed in his quatrains in laconic and logic language. Nasimi's works were very popular in Azerbaijan Near East, Iraq, Syria, Middle Asia and among uygurs(nation) when he alive. Nasimi's works written in native language had had great influences on the development of Azerbaijan poem, creativity of Shah Ismayil Khatai,Fizuli,Vagif and other great masters.

Since 15th century Nasimi's creativity had had great influence on all turkish literary (turkish,turkmen and uzbek etc.) Nasimi's works had been copied in armenian alphabet,had had influence on armenian poets-lyric poets writing in Azerbaijan turkish language.

Poet's works had widely spread in the form of manuscript.

Said manuscript copies are kept in some safe libraries of the world.

Poet's works had been repeatedly published, research works have been written on him.

600th Anniversary of Nasimi's birthday has been celebrated at world scale (1973) by the decision of UNESCO. Representatives from many countries have taken part at the celebrations held in Azerbaijan and Moscow.

Nasimi's name is given to one of the districts of Baku. A monument (T.Mamedov,I.Zeynalov -sculptors) was put for him in Baku.

Institute of Linquistics of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan is named after him.