S.J.Pishavari was the leader of 21 Azer Movement, the person who was established the Azerbaijan Democratic Party, at the same time the leader of national democratic movement. He was one of the famous persons of national movement; he spent all of his life for the purpose of happiness of his nation. All times Pishavari propagandize the people's freedom ideas, in capacity of a journalist he created lots of precious works.

S.J.Pishavari was bom in the poor family of Seyva village of Khalkhal region in 1892 and his initial education was spent in this village. At the end of XX century, the family of Pishavari as the peasants not tolerating to the robbery of despotic regime, the feudal regime and the pressure of imperialism was immigrated to Baku city with the purpose of looking for work place in 1905. He continued his education in Bulbule village and at the same time he was engaged with working. From 1913 to 1917 he was teacher in Khirdalan settlement. Owning to his profound reading he studied the social sciences and begun to engage to the political activity. His article were published in the newspaper "Achig Soz", published in Baku city. He engaged all times with the heavy living condition of Iran peoples and looking for the ways to freedom for the peoples living under despotic regime.

Since 1918 he commence to collaborate in the newspaper "Azerbaijan Cuzilayanfaki-Iran" and published the political articles, indicating the ways of struggle in order to cease the heavy living condition of Iran peoples. Pishavari was looking for more larger struggle ways. Therefore in 1919 he begun to work as a teacher in the school of "Ittihad" under "Adalat" Party. He created the close connection with N.Narimanov, Bahram Agazade and the other persons who were the leader of revolution in Baku. He was the editor in chief of the newspaper "Hurriyyat", organ of Central committee of "Adalat" Party. In the article s appeared in the pages of this newspaper he criticizes the colonial politics of imperialism and the shah regime and call the Iran peoples to the struggle against all negative events. In 1919-1920 he was the editor in chief of the newspaper "Hurriyyat" and was selected the Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Central Committee of "Adalat" Party. Pishavary left Baku for Iran in connection with the revolutionary movement started in Iran. He met with Kichik khan, the leader of the revolutionary movement in Kilan region. He was appointed the Minister of Foreign affairs of the Revolutionary sate in Kilan on June. Then he was elected the member and then the secretary on the ideological Affairs of the Central committee in the first congress, carried out in Anzali city on Jube, 1920. In 1921 Pishavary was the editor in chief of the newspaper "Hagigat", the organ of Iran Trade Union. He devoted all his consciously life to the struggle against the despotic regime in Iran. He published lots of articles in the newspapers edited in different cities of Iran. In 1922 the newspaper "Hagigat" was closed as a result of police oppression in Tehran city.

The police prosecution were strengthened owning to the post occupied by Rza shah, the publication of the newspapers met with lots of difficulties. This activity was lasted within 9 years in the heavy condition. In 1930 Pishavary was arrested and he was obliged to stay here within 11 years. Notwithstanding all forced tortures that he tolerated in the prison "Gasri- Gajar" Pishavari proceeded with his revolutionary activity. The commencement of the second World War resulted in the disintegration of Rza shah regime. On September in 1941 Rza shah, liberated from the prison came to Tehran. He took an active part in the establishment of Iran People's Party in 1941 and presented the first number of the newspaper "Ajer" to the community published on May 23, 1943. Pishavari criticizes Rza shah, the persons of government who were assisting Rza shah via the newspaper. Notwithstanding the that Pishavari was elected the deputy to 14th Council Forum of Azerbaijan in 1944 the Iran despotic regime refused his candidature. Pishavari was united 44 newspapers and created the "Front of Freedom". Pishavari tried to connect the revolutionary forces in the struggle against imperialism via these newspapers. The revolutionary movement all over the world was strengthened owning to the defeat of Fascism, the struggle of the peoples for Independence and freedom was increased. In this condition the Azerbaijan Democratic Party which was able to direct all social layers was established on September 03 1945.

Pishavari, recognizing the revolutionary condition created in Azerbaijan was established the Azerbaijan Democratic Party. He could relate all industry layers and the national forces of Azerbaijan under a sole banner owning to his talent and large wold vision. Pishavari was elected the head of the Central committee in the first congress of Azerbaijan Democratic Party carried out on October 1945. The tactics of preparing of 21 Azer movement and the duties standing before Azerbaijan people were carried out under the leadership of Pishavary by mean of the newspaper "Azerbaijan", the organ of Azerbaijan Democratic Party. On December 12, 1945 Pishavari was appointed the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan National Government by decision of Azerbaijan National Forum, commencing its activity in accordance with the victory of 21 Azer Movement. Namely this government created all necessary conditions in order that Azerbaijanians could speak and to write in their mother language; so, this government was restored the autonomy of Azerbaijan within the territory of Iran. It provided of the carrying out of the classes in secondary schools with the mother tongue. These democratic reforms realized in Azerbaijan scared not only the Iran despotic regime and the imperialism of England and America owning to rich resources of Iran Land. They strangled Azerbaijan National Government owning to united forces. One part of Azemaijan revolutionaries, immigrated since December, 1946 arrived to soviet Azerbaijan. Pishavary personally assisted the placing of these persons in 34 districts of Azerbaijan. While he returning from Ganja city related to this matter, Pishavari met with a car accident and died near Yevlakh district.

In order to leam well the personality of Pishavari, understand his philosophical, social points of view it necessary to address to his works published in the newspapers "Azerbaijan", "Azad Millet", "Yeni Sharg", edited in Tabriz city within 1945-1946, the newspaper "Ajer", published in Tehran in 1944, the works "Secret pages", "12 Shahrivar", published in Tabriz in 1946, the works published in immigration within 60 years: "21 Azers" and "Selected Works". S.J.Pishavari is one of the great revolutionary, public figure, journalist of high intellectual level of Azerbaijan People.