Help Catalonia –with the help of various personalities from civil society and Catalan politics– has launched an awareness campaign of Pau Casals's speech at the headquarters of the United Nations on 24th October 1971. As part of the internationalization of the Catalan cause, the organisation has prepared a video in five languages which includes the speech by the musician.
What is new is that the speech is read by politicians such as Ferran Mascarell, Anna Simó, Antoni Castellà, Irene Rigau, Carles Campuzano, Oriol Amorós, Joan Rigol, Jordi Cuminal, performers like Quim Masferrer or Núria Feliu and personalities from civil society like Daniel Mundet or Muriel Casals.Casals's speech is one of the best letters of introduction for our nation, and it was made when a third of the current Catalan population hadn't even been born. So it's worth rediscovering.
The presentation of Casals's speech, known as "I'm a Catalan," was conducted by the former chief minister of the Catalan government Josep Bargalló. As it is usual in Help Catalonia's drives, this has been published in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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Catalonia, 3rd April 2013