Mammedamin Rasulzade, a leader and the first chairman of "Musavat" party, was born in Baku on January 31, 1884 in a priest family. His father's name was Hazi Molla Alekber Rasulzade and his mother's name was Zinyet Zal Gizi. Mammedamin Rasulzade, after having been educated by his family, entered technical school. M.A. Rasulzade established an organisation, named "Muslim Youth"in 1902. His first article was published in the newspaper "Eastern Rus" in 1903. Later, his articles were published in "Hayat", "Irshad", "Tarakki" (progress), and other newspapers. He was founder of "Takamul" (Baku), Irani-nou" (Tehran), "Achig soz" (open word)-(Baku 1915-1917), "Yeni(New) Caucasus" spread in Istanbul (1923-28), Azeriturk (1928-29) , "Odlu Yurd"(Fire Land ) (1929-1931) and the magazine " Salvation" published in Berlin in 1933-39 and newspaper "Istigal" (Independence). "Azerbaijan" newsaper has been published in 1952 under M.A. Rasulzade's leadership. Besides his journalistic works, a number of books written by him were published .

Being persecuted for his political activity at the end 1907, M.A. Rasulzade worked in Iran during 1908-1911, and took active part in Sattar Khan Movement. In 1911, he was sent away from Iran on the demand of Russian Embassy. He worked at Turkish School in Istanbul during the period 1911-1913. He started working in Baku from 1913. He was elected the Chairman of Azerbaijan National Council on May 28, 1918 after declaration of independence of Azerbaijan.

He was arrested in 1920 after occupation of Azerbaijan by the Russians. His old friend Stalin helped him escape from death at that time.

M. Rasulzade's immigration-life started from 1922. He lived in Turkey, Poland, Germany in different years, continued his struggle for independence of Azerbaijan.

M. Rasulzade died in Ankara on March, 1955 and was buried in Asri graveyard.