Dr. Samad Sardarinia

Dr. Samad Sardarinia was born in Amire Giz district of Tabriz in May, 1947. He studied history in Tabriz University, and graduated in 1971 when he started his job in Iranian National Radio. In 1978, he received his second university degree in Law from Tehran University.

Due to his intensive research and studies on the history of Azerbaijan, he was nominated by the State University of Azerbaijan for an honorary PhD degree. He is well known for publishing a lot of articles and books about the history of Azerbaijan.

After the Iranian Revolution of 1979, he became an active author and member of editorial board of Varlig – a Turkish-Persian journal. Simultaneously, he cooperated with Azerbaijan Cultural Association, Dilmac Journal, and other organizations and continued to inform especially young people of their identity and historical background. His continuous struggles and efforts to explore the uncharted aspects of the history of contemporary Azerbaijan ended with his death in April, 2008.

Some of Dr. Sardarinia's works:
1. Tebriz Mehd-i Senet-i Çap der İran (Tabriz the cradle of printing industry in Iran)
2. Tebriz Şehr-i Evvelinha (Tabriz the city of initiations)
3. Tarixçéy-i Téatr-i Tebriz (The history of theatre in Tabriz)
4. Molla Nesreddin der Tebriz (Molla Nasraddin in Tabriz)
5. Neqş-i Merkez-i Qéybi Tebriz der Enqélab-i Meşrutiyet (The role of secret center (Markaz-e-Gheybi) in Constituion (Mashrooteh) Revolution)
6. Eli Misyo: Rehberé Merkez-i Qéybi-yi Tebriz (Ali Missiyo: the leader of secret center (Markaz-e-Gheybi) in Tabriz)
7. Baqir Xan Salar-i Milli (National leader (salar)Bagher Khan)
8. Darulfunun-i Tebriz Dovvomin Merkez-i Amuzeş-i Ali (Darulfunun-e-Tabriz: the second center for higher education)
9. Séyri der Tarix-i Azerbaycan (A glance at the history of Azerbaijan)
10. Tarix-i Ruznamé ve Mecellehay-i Azerbaycan (The history of newspapers and magazines in Azerbaijan)
11. Meşahir-i Azerbaycan (Famous figures of Azerbaijan)
12. Azerbaycan Pişgam-i Came-i Medeni (Azerbaijan the pionner of civil society)
13. İrevan Yék Vélayet-i Moselman Néşin Bud (Yerevan was a Muslim-populated province)
14. Qarabağ der Gozergahé Tarix (Garabagh in the passage of time)
15. Ceng-i Qarabağ (Garabagh war)
16. Qetl-i Am-i Moselmanan der Do Suy-i Eres (The genocide of Muslims on the two side of Araz)
17. Baku Şehr-i Neft ve Musiqi (Baku, oil and music city)
Prepared by: Artum Dinc
Translated by: Davud Kuhi

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