We Consider The Insult To The People Of Azerbaijan As Done To Us


In the article titled “The Struggle Against Cockroaches” that was published on the Iran Daily on May 12, 2006, cockroaches were depicted as stupid creatures, talking in other people’s language, incapable of using their own. A caricature of a cockroach speaking Turkish accompanied the article. This cockroach was symbolizing the Azerbaijan Turks and was saying: “nemene (What?..)”.

It seems that the caricature has been purposefully prepared. As a matter of fact, the expressions in the article display the viewpoint of the chauvinistic Farsi dominance in Iran towards the Turks. The implementers of this insulting plan consider themselves as subordinate to an absolute power. Fearlessly benefiting from the means provided by the dictatorship, these individuals have recently increased the dose of their insults against ethnic groups. They try everything possible to prevent the Iranian Turks learn and use their native tongue. However, these fools fail to realize that the policies of assimilation against people have long been defeated in Iran and ethnic groups have been trying to preserve their customs, languages and cultures more than ever. People have realized that Farsi chauvinism is behind these propaganda activities against religion and sects, and that their sole purpose is to wipe out their ethnic cultures and languages. Today, the developments in different parts of Iran indicate that ethnic groups are now ready to defend their identities, honors and the heritage of their ancestors.

Meanwhile, having reached genuine national awakening, the revolutionary people of Iranian Azerbaijan harshly reacted against the insults of the Iran Daily. Thousands flowed into the streets, bravely defending their honor and dignity, and organized a great and historical protest demonstration. As a matter of fact, this reaction is not a temporary and spontaneous incident, triggered by the insults of a newspaper. This situation has been an explosion of rage against the policy of humiliation constantly implemented by the media organs and administrations of the Islamic Republic against ethnic groups for years. This reaction is a rebellion against the oppressive politics of Farsi chauvinism that was initiated during the reign of Shah Reza and increased during the Islamic Republic.

The Islamic Republic is astonished and has lost itself against the great reaction of the Azeri people. They even decided to close down the Iran Daily and to arrest its editor in chief and the cartoonist. However, one cannot solve the problem of the Azeri Turks and other people in Iran simply by arresting a journalist and a cartoonist. The problem of the ethnic groups in Iran is the scornful and humiliating attitude of the Farsi chauvinism against other people, in the framework of the assimilation policy that has been maintained for long years. As a matter of fact, insulting ethnic groups is deemed something ordinary in Iran. People will always show such reactions as long as the regime maintains its current policies and preserves its perspective against ethnic groups. The accumulation of such reactions will soon destroy the chauvinist Farsi leadership.

We, as a part of the Turks in Iran, support the rightful reaction of the nation of Azerbaijan. We consider the insult to the Azeri people as done to us. We declare that we are by the side of the courageous people of Azerbaijan. We warn the dominant Farsi chauvinism that as long as they maintain cultural assimilation, oppression and forceful confiscation of people’s fatherland, they will encounter with uncontrollable events of much greater scale in Turkmensahra soon as it was the case in history.

سازمان آزادیبخش ترکمن صحرا – تورکمن صحرا آزادلیق قوراماسی