Our Mother Language and the Iranian Government Policy

Sardar Asadi

When somebody asks me about my mother language, and what my mother language is, instead of answering I remember the pain, the pain from my childhood, the pain from the school hours and the pain from living in such a system, assimilation and replacement system , I sigh and answer, my mother language is Turkish. If I tell the truth, it seems like a tragedy but I am sure the word tragedy cannot explain the pain and the situation.

I was born in South Azerbaijan, the Internal Colonized land by so-called Iran, with the population over thirty million located in North-West of Iran. Iran, the land in where the human right is never respected. In this land all the non-Farsi speaker nations are obliged to forget about their mother language and replace with Farsi. Farsi, the language of another ethnic group that the government is running by at the moment. Other nations are not allowed to learn their mother languages at schools. And the government use any kind of method to keep these nations far from their mother language. What this sistem does, kills the non-Persian languages and it means totally linguistic genocide. And the result totally means killing the identity. I am one of the examples , South Azerbaijani Turk, I have been kept far from my mother language at school, University and in the system since I was born. My parents had the same situation and I am sure that you have the same situation.

But all of us are wondering WHY?
Is there any wrong with my mother language?
What is wrong with the government and the system?

For sure sharing the ideas about will help us to find the way to overcome this terrible situation. It is common in colonized lands that the new comer government uses it’s own colonial power in any way to replace it’s own language with the mother language of the natives. The question arises here is why mother language must be put on the table. Mother language is the live and strong reason for people’s identity. And as far as the people have their own identity and concern about, the colonial government cannot dictate it’s own rules, such as language, culture, traditions and so on. This is exactly what we see in South Azerbaijan these days. Although the whole system , the education system from the primary school till university, the media such as TV, the radio, the newspaper and colonial power force the people to forget their mother language, they still keep their own language because they are aware of the situation and they try to save their mother language at any price. So, inside South Azerbaijan this replacement and assimilation policy cannot guarantee what the government want.

The other point is that the economic system in South Azerbaijan is kept weak and fragile by the government. There are a lot of people who are jobless and they are obliged to move to Farsi speaker areas looking for job and this is exactly what the government wants. The economic system in Farsi speaker areas is unbelievably stronger than South Azerbaijan and this process has started since the colonial government wanted to perform the policy of one country, one nation and one language. The most disgusting idea that the world has ever experienced. The children in these families are not so safe in front of the replacement and assimilation system. In this case I must say that the government seems to be the winner. But I have to add that some families still resist to let their children change to this terrible system. The people continue fighting against this dirty policy.

All the time one choice is on the table for the racist government. Dehumanizing South Azerbaijani Turks every where in the society on media and considering our people as second degree citizens is a psychological and systematic war that our people face with all the time and this is what our people specially the children must overcom. This matter is really serious when they live in Farsi speaker areas. Unfortunately sometime they hide their own background to be safe in Farsi speaker society and they are digested in Persian government system.

During the history, we experienced a lot of ways to treat and make the situation better but they didn’t work. So as we see, still the assimilation sistem going on. We cannot stand for this situation any more and let the government bury our identity and humanity. That is why these days, Azerbaijanis make the voice louder and louder. That is why we shout every day and every moment, LONG LIVE TO AZERBAYJAN. IRAN IS NOT JUST PERSIA AND WE ARE NOT PERSIAN. .