The Milwaukee Journal - May 20, 1946: Tabriz Reports ‘Bloody’ Battle in Azerbaijan

Rebellious Iran Province Is Being Attacked by Teheran Forces, London Dispatches Say
London, England. (AP) Radio reports from Tabriz, capital of Azerbaijan province, indicated Monday that civil strife “fratricide and bloody battle”- had broken out in Iran between troops of the province and the Iranian central government.

The Tabriz radio, as quoted by BBC and Reuters, said that Iranian central government troops had attacked Azerbaijan. Reuters quoted the broadcast as saying the attack came from Kurdistan, west of Tabriz.

Martial law was proclaimed in Tabriz, BBC quoted the broadcast as saying, and Reuters said the broadcast announced an 11 p.m. curfew and proclaimed the death penalty for violators.

Broadcast Interrupts
BBC said the Tabriz station interrupted a transmission of recorded music at 6:30 p.m. London time (11:30 a.m. CST) Sunday to announce the alleged attack.

Then, according to BBC, the Tabriz announcer added: “Azerbaijan supporters have received orders to defend themselves. We shall defend freedom and democracy.

“After the clearing of the political horizon, Iran wants to obscure it again with the blood of Azerbaijan youth. Shame to the treacherous hands which are dragging us into fratricide and bloody battle!

“Each supporter must put up a stiff resistance. Everyone must make sacrifices. Let the world know in whose hands the destiny of suffering of the Iranian nation lies. We shall defend freedom to the last breath and the last Azerbaijani.

“Assault Has Begun”
“It is not known on whose orders the Teheran (capital of Iran) forces have launched their attack. Assault and savagery have begun.”

[NBC in New York quoted BBC as saying that the Tabriz radio reported that casualties had been inflicted on an unspecified number of central government forces, and that 40 central government soldiers had been taken prisoner.]

Reuters in a Tehran dispatch
Turn to IRAN, page 2, col. 6

Source: The Milwaukee Journal - May 20, 1946

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