The Impact of Vowel Harmony on Loanwords in the Dialects of Azerbaijani Turkish in Iran


The purpose of this paper is to study the impact of vowel harmony (VH) on the loanwords in the dialects of Azerbaijan Turkish in Iran. It is clear that this phonological rule (VH) is one of the main characteristics of Azerbaijan Turkish. The results of the study showed that vowel harmony affects loanwords and changes them phonetically in different degrees. Consequently, in some cases a complete harmony between the vowels of a loanword is created and in some others we observe a partial harmony between the vowels of a loanword. Consequently, it can be claimed that vowel harmony as a main phonological rule in these dialects is so active that it affects not only the native words but the loanwords as well.


Vowel harmony, loanwords, Southern dialects of Azerbaijan Turkish.

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